HAND LETTERING WITH WATERCOLOR  for Bergdorf Goodman, the Super Player Club's newsletter, Parents Magazine, La Buena branding, SVA MFA Design's lecture series & self-promotion.
    HAND LETTERED ALPHABETS WITH WATERCOLOR  for Little, Brown & Company, Harper Collins, Port Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine & personal projects.
     HAND LETTERING WITH PENCIL  for Little, Brown & Company, Profile Books, Food & Wine Magazine, Maxim Magazine, WIRED Magazine UK, the Global Yodel project & self-promotion.
    HAND LETTERED ALPHABETS WITH PENCIL  for the Glutton for Life website, CLEEN's annual report & self-promotion.
    HAND LETTERING WITH PEN  for Bon Appétit Magazine, Verde Magazine, Polish Humanitarian Action marketing, The Say Something Poster Project, The SiNo Project & self-promotion.
    HAND LETTERED ALPHABETS WITH PEN  for personal projects.
     ILLUSTRATIONS WITH WATERCOLOR  for Herman Miller, The Griffin Farley Search For Beautiful Minds branding, Penguin Group India, Storey Publishing, Bon Appétit Magazine, Light Grey Art Lab's Expletive Poster Show, self-promotion & personal projects.
     PATTERN DESIGNS WITH WATERCOLOR  for Sterling Publishing, SPACE.NK.apothecary's holiday campaign & personal projects.
     ILLUSTRATIONS & PATTERN DESIGNS WITH PENCIL  for the HHMI Bulletin, DAS Magazine, Bon Appétit Magazine, the Illville Hotel online exhibition, Bobeline brandy packaging, self-promotion & personal projects.
     ILLUSTRATIONS WITH PEN  for Studio On Fire's Lucky Number 13 calendar, Migrate Magazine, Project Smile & personal projects.
     PATTERN DESIGNS WITH PEN  for Nido Magazine & personal projects.
     DIGITAL DESIGNS  for Madewell, J.Crew Men's Shop & J.Crew Bridal marketing.